Funeral Homes & Cemeteries

We appreciate that you—our partners in the funeral and cemetery professions—provide families with an important service in the selection of a monument for their loved one. Therefore, we strive to provide value to you in the following ways:

  1. Capacity/Speed/Efficiency – We leverage 48 years of production experience to streamline memorial production from concept to delivery while maintaining the highest levels of artistic integrity and quality standards. You can rest assured that we will meet your deadlines, as well as respond to hurried situations if and when they occur. We carry an extensive inventory to reduce lead times and to offer greater flexibility.
  2. Reputation, Reliability, and Peace of Mind – Now in our third generation, we are a family-owned business founded in Madison 48 years ago. We were here yesterday. We’re here today. And we will be here tomorrow.
  3. Artistic Integrity We are dedicated to preserving the Old World quality and standards of stonecutting as taught to us by our founder, Kurt Pechmann. We will only create grave memorials from the best quality materials. Our methods will always reflect the highest artistic integrity.
  4. Esthetic Standards We retain professionally-trained visual artists to create the engraved, etched, or painted imagery on the grave memorials we provide for your clientele. These artists work in tandem with our stonecutters, engravers, and etchers to create true pieces of artwork—not offshore schmaltz. This artistic quality reflects upon your brand as much as it does upon our Company.
  5. Creativity and Innovation We are not mass-producers of memorials. We are expert at creating, producing, and installing one-of-a-kind innovative grave memorial designs—and appreciate the opportunity to do so. This, too, enhances your brand.

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Dear Valued Customers

Due to the COVID-19 virus outbreak, we are practicing social distancing. We are booking private appointments through our website, email, or phone. We will continue to monitor messages and can be reached by email at or by phone at (608) 249-8178. We will respond to all inquiries as quickly as we can. You may use the "MEET WITH US" button on our website or through the link below to book an appointment.