Onsite Lettering, Cleaning, Repairs

Onsite Lettering, Cleaning, and RepairsOnsite Lettering. It’s nowadays common for a stone grave memorial to be created before the person or persons to be memorialized are deceased. This is particularly true for double memorials or family memorials. For this reason, it’s often necessary to revisit installed tombstone memorials to engrave dates of death and other information you might request for your loved one(s) after their passing.

To add lettering to an existing headstone memorial, it’s essential for the engraver to take necessary carbon rubbings and photographs in advance. These are used to generate a computer layout of the proposed engraving for you to assay. Also, it might require the expertise of a trained visual artist to assist the engraver if the existing lettering is unique and must be duplicated by hand.

Onsite Lettering, Cleaning, and RepairsMinimally, before letting any engraver near your loved one’s existing memorial, make sure to ask about the methods he or she will use, including how lettering styles are matched, and whether or not you will see a proof of the engraving beforehand. As you might presume, some companies deliver high-quality results and many don’t. For a job as important as adding additional engraving to your loved-one’s memorial, it makes sense to choose a company with documentable experience and expertise. If you are ordering this service through a funeral home, request that they contact us to ensure that additional lettering is done properly. After all, there is no second try.

We bring to our onsite lettering efforts the same commitment that drives the rest of our business. We will always use best quality materials. Our methods will always reflect the highest artistic integrity. And we will always treat you the way we would want to be treated ourselves: honestly, forthrightly, and respectfully.

Repairs. We’re expert at restoring and replacing worn, vandalized, or otherwise damaged grave memorials, including public memorials—and especially veteran memorials. We also perform more simple restorative tasks, such as cleaning and re-leveling.

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