Veteran Memorial Benefit Options

Most U.S. veterans may qualify for government memorials at no charge. If a veteran option is chosen, the stone or bronze can be shipped to our workshop for installation.

For more information on veteran memorial programs, please visit the Department of Veterans Affairs.

To view the VA general information form, VA memorial application form click here.

* For the stone options, we strongly discourage the use of marble. The Midwest climate quickly deteriorates soft materials such as marble.

• Veteran Options •

• Granite or Marble flush memorialsThese memorials resemble flush or ground-level memorials. They can be set either in the ground as a flush, or above the ground on a foundation.

• Granite or Marble Upright Memorials – These memorials include similar engraving as the flat memorials do, but stand up out of the ground.

• Bronze plaques – These plaques can be ordered to supplement a granite memorial, or take the place of one. Like the stone versions, these plaques contain basic information including name, years of life, and limited details of military service.

Niche – The bronze niche plate is smaller than the full-size bronze memorial and is designed to be used on standard personal headstones. It can offer service details similar to the full size bronze plaque but can be more easily incorporated into an overall design.

Medallions are the newest addition to veteran memorial options available to veterans whose death occured on or after Nov. 1, 1990. The 1-1/2″, 3″, and 5″ medallions are offered to be affixed to a privately purchased headstone.

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