Basic Personal Memorial Designs



Bench Memorials


• Granite bench memorials are a newer headstone option that are gaining popularity as a place to sit and reflect.

• Benches can have a single pedestal or be supported by two legs underneath.

• The available space for engraving is dependent on which style is chosen.



Flush Memorials


• A flush memorial typically lies flat in the ground and is level with the grass.

• In some cases a flush memorial can be made to sit on top of a foundation.

• Flush memorials can be made of either granite or bronze.

Bronze Flush Memorial with Foundation

Granite Flush Memorial without Foundation

Granite Flush Memorial with Foundation

Single Granite Flush Memorial without Foundation



Bevel Memorials


• A granite bevel memorial is similar to a flush memorial, but has a gentle slope from back to front. Bevel memorials are set above the ground on a foundation.

Bevel Memorial with Foundation

Bevel Memorial with Foundation



Slant Memorials


• A granite slant memorial is also above ground, like a bevel memorial.

• Slant memorials differ from both a flush and bevel memorials in two respects:

– First and foremost, it’s larger, which affords more room for engraving and personalization.

– Second, slant memorials have a back that can be used for additional engraving such as children’s names, verses or sayings.

• Slant memorials can also be placed on bases to elevate them from the ground.

Slant Memorial with Foundation

Slant Memorial with Foundation



Upright Memorials


• A granite upright memorial is built of two pieces, respectively called a tablet and a base.

• Being the largest relative to flush, bevel, or slant memorials, they offer the most space for engraving and personalization.

• There are almost no limits on the size, shape, and design for upright headstones. 

Upright Memorial with Base & Foundation

Upright Memorial with Base & Foundation

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