Pet Memorials

The lives we as a community celebrate and memorialize are not of people alone, but also of our smaller, furrier family members. Whether you’re honoring a beloved pet in a formal pet cemetery such as Westport Pet Cemetery, or you just want a small memorial stone for your home or garden to remind you of the precious years you shared, we can provide an affordable and meaningful tribute.

Granite  Cemetery Pet Memorials are created the same way as memorials are for people. The headstone options are abundant, but still limited by the regulations of your chosen cemetery.

Boulders – These types of pet memorials are the most common. They are affordable and will compliment any home garden or landscape.

RiverstonesAnother popular choice for a pet memorial. Riverstones are similar to boulders, but smaller in size. These too are affordable and would be comlimentary in your home garden or even inside your home.

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