Infant Memorial Program

More than 25 years ago we initiated a program to help families and individuals who have recently lost a child 3-years old or younger by providing and installing a gray granite memorial at the child’s gravesite. The engraving and installation are performed by us without cost to the family or individual. The memorial is provided at cost.

The memorial measures 16 x 8 inches and meets the stylistic requirements of all cemeteries nearby to Madison. It can be placed on a granite foundation or set flush in the ground, depending on cemetery regulations.

The current cost to the family or individual is $275 for the memorial, plus any fees for locating or placing the proper foundation by the cemetery or municipality.

Individuals or families can select an alternative memorial and a credit of $200 will be applied toward the cost. Please note that certain cemetery regulations might require additional charges.

We ask that the family or individual contact us within 1 year of the loss and that he child be less than 3 years of age at the time of the loss.

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