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Personal Memorials

Every culture deals with death a little differently. Being a great melting-pot of race and ethnicity that this country is, we see extraordinary diversity among families during emotional circumstances. One characteristic that seems constant, however, is individuality.

Regardless of for whom the memorial is for, families and individuals strive to design a memorial that best represents the people they are meant to honor. We have made it our priority to accommodate as many design ideas as possible to create a meaningful memorial.

Personal memorials are divided into three categories. Please select a category for more information.


Several options exist to create unique memorials beyond one’s name and dates. Not all of these options are available to every memorial type, but there are always several to choose from regardless.

Carved Artwork is created with the same engraving process as lettering names and dates, thus carved artwork is included in the cost of your memorial. It uses deeply carved lines to define “frosted” shapes: areas with polish removed to create contrast. Families may choose from our many existing designs, or have one of our artists create something totally unique.

Etched Artwork is done using a diamond-tipped hand tool, and is similar in process and outcome to drawing. Etchings are possible only on darker stones which provide the most contrast. A very high degree of detail is possible, realistically portraying anything from portraits to landscapes, from tiny ornamentation to expansive montages. As this method requires an extra step beyond carving, additional costs do apply.

Shape-Carved Artwork is done by hand to create beautiful three-dimensional carvings. Pechmann Memorials is unique amongst other monument companies in that we shape-carve basic designs for free. As with hand-tooling, this skillful method comes at an additional charge for more extensive designs.

Vases are available in various sizes and colors of granite, bronze, and composite materials. In addition to acting as a vessel for flowers, vases themselves may be sculptural or provide another surface for personalized artwork.

Ceramic Portraits combine digital photography and ancient enameling processes to create lasting images. Available in various shapes and sizes, in black-and-white or color, ceramic portraits also have several bronze frame designs to choose from.

Bronze Artwork combines with the color and texture of stone to create a strikingly elegant impression. Customers may browse our in-stock bronze pieces as well as explore several catalogs.

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Poetry is another artform that creates a one-of-a-kind memorial when engraved.

Creativity is encouraged! We have had families place their hand-prints in cement foundations, create their own collages to be carved or etched, and even sculpt their own bronze statues for us to install. If you are thinking of adding artwork to your stone, we strongly encourage you to bring photos of your loved ones, stories of their favorite things or places, and design ideas at any stage of their development. Together we can create a beautiful and unique piece in honor of your loved ones.

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